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Social Media Audit - Eat Purr Love

Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe is a cat cafe, located in the suburbs of Columbus. Their main mission is to find forever homes for the cats that reside in the cafe. Even if you can't take one of them home, the cafe offers reservation times for people to come hang out with the cats while enjoying a cup of joe.

The mission that I accepted was to revamp their current social media platforms. I took an audit of what I felt was working for them and made note of what wasn't. I made some comparisons of what their competitors were doing and took some inspiration. Using their existing branding, I made new campaign suggestions based on the goals and objectives we were attempting to achieve.

In the end, this was only done in practice due to complications. Despite not being able to test how the campaigns would have done analytically, I learned quite a bit about social media management and have fun doing it!

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