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"Being Good Means Doing the Same Thing Over & Over.

Being Great Means Risking Failure." 

~Dennis Ryan

My name is Alex and I'm a Visual Creative!


The first time I created something for a "client", it was on an apron, in a cooking class. When I was done, my client's response made the process worth it. I had managed to achieve exactly what she wanted just based on her ideas. The feeling I got from that experience was so thrilling and satisfying, that it laid the path for my future goals. That was the first time I knew what I wanted to do with my life and how I ended up where I am now. Along the way, I’ve had opportunities presented to me that have helped me realize what I would like to do. I’ve always wanted to try a little bit of everything too, not only add skills to my palette but to help narrow down what I want to do with my life.


In my spare time, (HA! What's that?) I enjoy my car

photography, drag racing with my family, as well as,

reading and traveling (wish I could that more!).  

My Favorite Part of Any Project is the Final
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